Batuhan Islek

Android Developer

Hey there! 👋 I'm Batuhan, an Android Developer based in San Francisco.   Previosly worked at IBM, Vodafone, British American Tobacco, PepsiCo in various positions like analyst and developer.


I love transforming ideas to the products that users love 😍        


Daily Affirmation


Role: Android Developer Status : Ongoing Technologies: Java, Android, Firebase, Glide, Crashlytics Publish Date: 3 Jan 2019


  • Sends an affirmation every day.
  • Themes can be changed.
  • Notification time can be customized.
  • Affirmation can be added to the favorites and can be shared.


Social NetworkingBusiness

Trawell is built for helping travelers to build a travel journal and share them with other travelers.

Features :

  • Standardized and expense oriented travel post content.
  • Searching the posts about desired destinations.
  • Sharing posts with the other travelers.
  • Planning the budget according to the trips with the same destinations.
  • Monitoring the analysis of the money balance. Focusing on the dreaming, planning and sharing phases of the travel.

Before or After Game


Role: Android Developer Status : Ongoing Publish Date: 7 May 2019

Before or After Game is an Android Trivia Quiz Game. There are two events in the game. The upper event is given by it's date and the other one is not. You are trying to guess if the event below occured before or after.

3 game modes: Classic, Combo and Time Bomb.

8 different categories: General, Invetions, Wars, Movies etc.

Some Clients

I am so happy to work with Batuhan… I came to him with an idea and he executed perfectly. We’ve had a great response.

Founder & CEO, Sherpa

Let's build your idea together.

I'm always open to discussing work or partnership opportunities. If you have an awesome idea, feel free to reach out, I'd love to help!